Welcome to our home! 

We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to host you while in San Antonio. The host-guest relationship is one we take seriously, not only because it is the business we’ve chosen but because of how central it is to our personal community and family. Our grandmothers taught us to treat guests like family, and our rentals are no different. So anytime you stay at one of our beautiful, private homes, you’re part of our San Antonio family.

We were first introduced to hosting in college, studying Homer’s The Odyssey. In his story, hosts were expected to allow strangers into their home, shower them with luxuries, give them a bath, and have a feast in their honor. If one refused to be a good host or a good guest, the offender would suffer repercussions.

It was another fifteen years before we related to the host-guest relationship again, this time as first-time guests in Argentina in our first Airbnb. We thought it was close to the most amazing experience we’d ever had traveling. We had an entire apartment overlooking central Buenos Aires that was spotless, smelled great, well decorated, and close to everything (exactly how we have modeled our own homes). We couldn’t believe it took us that long to use a vacation rental home rather than a hotel on our vacations. We left Argentina wondering if we would ever consider being hosts, and how if we did we would want to recreate the experience we just had.

Fast forward a few more years, and we found ourselves bouncing around Europe, staying only in rental homes. In the 24 homes we stayed in, only one was an example of what not to do as hosts. The rest were as enjoyable as Argentina (some more so). The little note the elderly Italian woman left us in Tuscany, Italy welcoming us into her home; the bottle of wine gifted to us by the farmer in Priorat, Spain alongside the fresh vegetables he picked out of his garden that day for us; and countless other special touches showed us how good hosts treated their guests.

We hope we have learned from them well, from our own families, and from our guests, as we aim to offer you an experience we can only hope you want to retell to someone years from now. Please enjoy your time, enjoy our home, enjoy our city. 

Make yourself at home!