The Best Food & Wine Pairings

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Buen Provecho!

Nearly every Italian red wine &

Roasted Tomato Sauce


There is always an ample supply of homemade tomato sauce in our freezer. We haven’t bought a jar of grocery store tomato sauce since before the Berlin Wall fell, and for good reason.

Homemade is better. Jarred sauce is junk. Full stop.

This recipe can stand alone, or serve as the foundation to more complex sauces with a tomato base. And oh how it sings with so many of Italy’s red wines.

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Chianti Reserva from Tuscany, Italy &

Eggplant Lasagna


There is little to nothing that gets my taste buds and stomach into a state of euphoria better than Italian food and Italian wine. Eggplant lasagna and a bottle of Chianti will keep my mouth watering for days, and in an extended state of euphoria…the partnership is that powerful.

Here’s how we prepare our eggplant lasagna, and why its relationship with Chianti is a perfect pairing.

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Sauternes from Bordeaux, France &

Italian Cheesecake


Any sommelier’s mouth will salivate over the pairing of Sauternes and Foie Gras. It is one of those decadent matches that are written about and lusted over, but typically accessible to very few.

So instead of the Foie Gras, we like to pair our Sauternes with Italian Cheesecake (usually far more accessible than Foie Gras). And we use mom’s recipe every time, though a store-bought variety may do for you in a pinch.

Never heard of Sauternes? Get ready to have your mind blown.

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Late Bottled Vintage Port from the Douro Valley, Portugal &

Flourless Chocolate Cake


Port wine. Just the name gets my insides jumping with excitement. There are days when I can argue with Fernanda about whether I love my Vintage Ports better than her. But it really is no argument, as she can sometimes love them more than me too. So we choose to sip together, and have our only threesome allowed…Our relationship, our Port, and our flourless chocolate cake.

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Cava from Penedès, Spain &

Fried Chicken & Potato Chips


Cava is to Spain what Champaign is to France. It is Spain’s version of a wine with bubbles, and usually at a fraction of the price of Champaign. Potato chips and fried chicken share the same evil but delicious fat and salt that is nature’s culinary temptress, and a little bubbly is the holy water that provides absolution.

You can of course buy a bag of chips from the grocery store and fried chicken from the corner fast food chain. But for why? Don’t be lazy…make your own.

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Vouvray from the Loire Valley, France &

Sage & Browned Butter Ravioli


Our sage and brown butter ravioli is the definition of simplicity meets savory meets sensual. With a variety of ravioli fillings that work equally perfectly, browned butter that turns into liquid gold coating the crispy sage and toasted walnuts in a silky blanket, it is the perfect comfort food.

The traditionalists may balk at our pairing of a classic Italian dish with a classic French wine, but if there was a case for international relations making the world a better place, our Sage & Butter Ravioli and Vouvray pairing is it.

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Nero d'Avolo from Sicily, Italy &

Sicilian Meatballs


What makes Sicilian meatballs authentically Sicilian are the toasted pine nuts and sweet raisins which impart delicious nuttiness and slight sweetness to what is otherwise a ball of meat (sumptuously exquisite and mouth-watering, but still a ball of meat).

And making them is a perfect excuse to try a genuinely Sicilian wine from the only DOCG in the region, Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG and the powerful and spicy Nero d’Avolo.

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