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Humans Are Like Wine Grapes, and Other Weird Self-Awareness

Humans are like wine, and their lifecycle mirrors that of wine grapes in striking ways. And the self-awareness we can learn from studying our favorite wines is not only instructive, but a ton of fun.

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Published on: June 26, 2022  -  Filed under: Life Lessons, Wine & Food

Food, Wine & Perfect Pairings: How To Play Cupid With Your Food

The right partnerships can make all of the difference between a life well-lived and one suffered. No other partnership knows this better than food and wine. Here is a quick guide on how to play cupid with your meals like a pro, and create the perfect partnerships every time.

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Published on: May 17, 2022  -  Filed under: Wine & Food

What Five Visionaries Taught Me About Resistance & Wine

Resistance is one of our most celebrated human qualities, not the least of which because resistance is a key ingredient in growth. And resistance is in wine’s DNA. Resistance is the only reason any of us know what a glass of wine tastes like today. And this is one of my favorite stories about wine, and resistance.

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Published on: April 26, 2022  -  Filed under: Wine & Food

Barolo, A Flat Tire & The Meaning Of The Host-Guest Relationship

I was racing to my last wine tasting appointment for the day on my first of six days in Serralunga d’Alba—a beautiful hillside village of rolling green hills, castles and vineyards. It is one of the areas of the region known as Barolo producing some of the most iconic red Italian wines. And it was home to Paolo Manzone’s vineyard where my tasting was scheduled.

The host-guest relationship, and Paulo Manzone

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Published on: April 19, 2022  -  Filed under: Travel, Wine & Food