Casa Spruce Guide Book

Welcome to Casa Del Valle

Thank you for choosing to stay at Casa Spruce. Our grandparents taught us to treat guests like family. So right now, you’re family and we take that very seriously.

We are so happy you decided to book with us, and we want to make sure you have a 5-star stay. So, in this guide you’ll find a host of recommendations, tips, and other good stuff to make your stay enjoyable.

For starters, there are plenty of great restaurants nearby, as well as loads of attractions to see while you are in San Antonio. You will find a list of our favorite restaurants here.

If you’re here for the River Walk, or the Alamo, or the Pearl or any of the other many downtown San Antonio attractions, then you have come to the right place. All of downtown is a short 7-minute drive. Sea World and Fiesta Texas are also popular, but bit further at a 27-minute drive.

We have taken the time to prepare for you an enjoyable experience while you are here in San Antonio. We hope you take advantage of the backyard and deck to relax, as well as the games both inside and outside to have some fun with your family and guests. If you are preparing a meal at home you should find all of the equipment you need in the kitchen (minus the groceries of course). And when you return home from a full day out, you’ll be laying down on the same sheets we use in our own home (Fernanda insists on a specific thread count for us).

So relax, get comfortable, and have an amazing time. Of course, let us know if you anything at all while you are here.

-Fernanda & Anthony


Keeping It Legal

House Rules

  1. No smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes, drugs, or candles inside or outside our home.
  2. No pets or animals are permitted.
  3. No events, gatherings, parties, or unauthorized guests.
  4. Please remove your shoes when inside.
  5. No eating/drinking in bedrooms.
  6. Do not interfere with modem and router connectivity.
  7. Quiet hours are between 10PM and 7AM.
  8. Report any spills, stains, or damages immediately.
  9. Please don't use towels for makeup removal.
  10. Please turn off lights and appliances when not in use and when leaving the house.

Relax and enjoy your stay!

The Checklist

Checking Out

  1. We kindly ask that you check out by 10AM.
  2. Please remove all food & beverages from the refrigerator, and dispose of your trash in the bags provided, tied tightly, and placed in the brown can outside. Recyclables in the blue can.
  3. Clean dirty dishes, glassware and utensils, or start the dishwasher cycle with any dirty dishware.
  4. Clean the grill (if used) and dispose of any charcoal in a trash bag. Clean all bottles and trash from the yard.
  5. Used linen and towels can be placed on the bathroom floor.
  6. Close and lock all windows and doors (front, back and side doors) when you leave.
  7. Notify us that you have checked out.
  8. Travel safely back to your home or next destination.

And if you had an awesome time please leave us a 5-star review!


Make Yourself at Home

Local Eats

There are some amazing restaurants nearby which we recommend you check out. For a complete list of some of our favorites, check out our Bars & Restaurants section! Below is our short list.

Breakfast & Brunch
La Panadería Bakery Café • (210) 592-6264 • 301 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205
Bakery Lorraine • (210) 862-5582 • 306 Pearl Pkwy #110, San Antonio, TX 78215

Dough Pizza • (210) 227-2900 • 518 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78205
Alamo BBQ • (210) 994-8099 • 511 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215

Toro Kitchen • (210) 592-1075 • 1142 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205
Carmens De La Calle • (210) 281-4349 • 320 N Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78205

High Street • (210) 908-9144 • 302 Pearl Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78215
Paramour • (210) 340-9880 • 102 9th St, San Antonio, TX

Make Yourself at Home

Grocery & Banking

Grocery Stores
H-E-B [preferred, select artisanal & craft items items (as in, go here if you are looking to build your own meats and cheese board with a bottle of wine to share on the patio)] • 516 S Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78204 • (210) 444-1879
H-E-B [all items] • 415 N New Braunfels Avenue • (210) 226-8531
AAA Freight Salvage Groceries [local; low prices and great produce.] • 1111 S Presa St, San Antonio, TX 78210 • (210) 533-8611
Chicho Boys Fruit Market[local; low prices and great produce.] • 1631 S Laredo St, San Antonio, TX 78207, (210) 225-7557

Wells Fargo • 423 N. New Braunfels Ave Ste. 1, San Antonio, TX 78202 • (210) 856-0080
Comerica Bank • 100 N Santa Rosa St, Suite 110, San Antonio, TX 78207 • (210) 222-2216
BBVA Bank • 112 E Pecan Street, San Antonio, TX 78205 • (210) 592-5570


Entry & Locks

The Doors

We come from a family of military and police, so security has always been top of mind. Each of our doors come equipped with two security locks: one deadbolt (on the door) and one lock (on the floor). Please keep all doors locked at all times. If you have any trouble with the locks, please message us immediately.

Additionally, both the outside pedestrian gate and driveway gate have a simple latch lock. Please keep both the gates closed and locked at all times during your stay. This will ensure no wandering dogs gain access to the property and leave any unpleasantness behind them.

The Front Door
The front door accommodates keyless entry. Please refer to your check in message for the access code (which is unique to you). The lock, once opened, will auto-relock after 30 seconds. Past guests’ codes expire at check-out; your code is the only currently active code.

To unlock the front door, press the lower left corner of the keypad (which will light up the numbers), and your code. To lock the door, press the lower right corner of the keypad (the lock symbol).

The Back Door
The back-door deadbolt is manual and therefore requires that you remember to lock it.

Entry & Locks

The Floor Locks

The front and back doors include a floor lock. These are 10x stronger than a deadbolt, and when engaged prevent the door from opening even after the deadbolt is unlocked.

We require the back and side door floor lock to be engaged at all times, except while you are coming/going or enjoying the yard/private deck. The front door floor lock can be engaged at your discretion.

To engage the lock, simply press down on the foot pedal on the right side of the lock (the center plate will raise). To disengage the lock, simply press down on the center raised plate.

Both the foot pedal on the right and the center locking plate may require a bit of force. I find that engaging the foot pedal with my heel works better than with my toes. Apply your pressure to the center of the center plate when you want to disengage it and it will snap down.


Important Stuff

Parking & Internet

You may fit one car in our private and gated driveway. Parking is also free on the street.

Internet & TV
Free Wifi is included in your stay (and we made sure it is super-fast).

• Network: SpectrumSetup-47
• Password: markettown957

The television is a ROKU TV, so feel free to stream whatever it is people stream these days. There is both free content available, as well as access to whatever streaming service you subscribe to. However, if you choose to purchase any content you will need to provide a credit card (and so if you do, don’t forget to delete it when you are done so that the next guest doesn’t get free entertainment through you).

IMPORTANT: Our locks, thermostat and security system function with our WiFi. Purposefully interfering with router or modem connectivity will result in our coming to the home with law enforcement to have you removed from the property.

More Important Stuff

Kitchen, Laundry & Games

We have basic cooking utensils and equipment that you are free to use. There are also condiments and cooking oil, coffee and tea, all available.

We are betting you will never need it, but if you burn your pancakes there is a fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink. There you will find trash bags; please tie all of your trash before placing it in the brown trash bins outside (see below).

Laundry & Stuff
You will find the laundry room opposite the guest bath. In the cabinet above the washer and dryer there is laundry detergent and dryer sheets for your convenience. You will also find an iron and an ironing board.

There is a hairdryer located in the master bathroom cupboard, as well shampoo and body wash in each of the two showers.

If you require anything else, please contact us.

To help you enjoy your stay, we have provided you with some board games. Feel free to use them but make sure to put all the pieces back in the box when you’re done so nothing gets mixed up!

And if you want to take the gaming outside, we have horseshoes, bocce and cornhole games packaged under the kitchen island cabinet (behind the kitchen table).


Icky Stuff

Trash & Recyclables

The city of San Antonio randomly audits what’s in our waste bins on pick up days, and will issue a citation if they contain prohibited material. Please see below for what is permitted in each.

The Brown Bin = Trash
• Please only place tightly tied trash bags here. Loose trash attracts flies; flies in trash generate maggots, and that’s just gross.
• Trash is collected FRIDAY AM. If you are staying with us Thursday night we ask that you place the Brown Bin by the curb before you turn in for the night, with the handle on the curbside.

The Blue Bin = Recyclables
• Please do not bag any bottles or cardboard (the city will fine us). And please do not place trash in this bin.
• Recyclables are collected TUESDAY AM. If you are staying with us Monday night we ask that you place the Blue Bin by the curb before you turn in for the night, with the handle on the curbside.

The Green Bin = Compost & Brush
• Unless you are volunteering to mow our lawn, you should not need this bin at all

Touring the City

Top Spots

You will find plenty of tourist attractions in our city. Below are some of the most popular which are worth visiting during your stay here.

3 mins to: The Alamodome
5 mins to: Institute of Texas Cultures
5 mins to: Historic Mercado shopping
5 mins to: RiverCenter Mall
5 mins to: Hemisfair Tower
6 mins to: IMAX Movie Theatre
7 mins to: Downtown San Antonio
7 mins to: The Alamo
7 mins to: Historic La Villita
7 mins to: AT&T center
7 mins to: San Antonio Museum of Art
7 mins to: Henry B Gonzales Convention Center
7 mins to: The Pearl Brewery shopping/eating district (High Street Wine Bar should be a must stop)
7 mins to: Briscoe Western Art Museum
8 mins to: Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
8 mins to: Majestic Theatre
8 mins to: Freeman Coliseum
10 mins to: Hotel Emma (voted top 10 new hotels in USA; definitely stop by for a drink)
12 mins to: San Antonio International Airport
15 mins to: St. Mary’s University
16 mins to: Lackland Air Force Base
19 mins to: South Texas Medical Center
22 mins to: Six Flags Fiesta Texas
23 mins to: SeaWorld
28 mins to: JBSA-Randolph

(All times calculated by car)

Check out our leisure section for a complete breakdown of what is popular.


Getting Around

Transportation Options

While in San Antonio you will find just two transportation options if you don’t have your own vehicle.

VIA is an inexpensive way to get around San Antonio. There are over 90 bus routes available (you can find the latest schedules here. A day pass is available for $2.75 with free transfers (or a 7-day pass is available for $12.)
You can download the free VIA goMobile app on Apple and Android devices to plan your trip and purchase tickets.

It’s a great way to check out our city at a discount rate.

Both Uber and Lyft are available in San Antonio, and are preferred over any of the local taxi companies you may find. The San Antonio International Airport is between 12-15 minutes from Casa Del Valle, and will cost you via Uber or Lyft between $25-$30. And any ride to downtown should cost you no more than $6-$8.


Where to Buy

Shopping Malls
Shops at River Center, 849 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205
North Star Mall, 7400 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216
The Shops at The Rim, 17703 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78257
The Shops at La Cantera, 15900 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78256


Hospitals & Clinics

Staying Well

In case of emergency dial 911.

For in-person care, the following are nearby healthcare centers.

Gonzaba Medical Group Clinic, 1313 Guadalupe St Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78207, (210) 921-3800
Concentra Urgent Care, 400 E Quincy St, San Antonio, TX 78215, (210) 472-0211
Little Spurs Pediatric Urgent Care, 810 S General McMullen Drive, #101, San Antonio, TX 78237, (210) 998-4801
Methodist Metropolitan, 1310 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212, (210) 757-2200
MedPost Urgent Care, 115 Angeles Drive, Suite 103, San Antonio, TX 78201, (210) 664-0962
Texas MedClinic, 8519 TX-151, San Antonio, TX 78245, (210) 682-5577
Urgent Dental Care, 743 S Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78204, (210) 225-3333

Walgreens, 121 N Zarzamora St, San Antonio, TX 78207
CVS, 343 W Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205, (210) 228-9483
H-E-B Pharmacy, 415 N New Braunfels Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78202, (210) 226-8642

Other Stuff

Mail, Police & Fire

Each of the below locations are just 5 minutes from Casa Del Valle.

United States Post Office, 1140 S Laredo St, San Antonio, TX 78204.
San Antonio Police Department Central Substation, 515 S Frio St B, San Antonio, TX 78207, (210) 207-7273.
San Antonio Fire Department Station #11, 610 S Frio St, San Antonio, TX 78207, (210) 207-6000.